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Get a Handle on Your Deco

How to simplify the decorative hardware selection process for your customer. The custom closet shopping experience When the phone rings with an inquiry for a design consultation, the expectations are high. Clients are looking for a solution to their organization problems, be it the need for a custom closet or a new office setup. As ... read more

Octave – The Mudroom Master

Are you tired of clutter and disorganization in your family mudroom? Look no further than the Symphony Octave Wall Organizer. The versatile and sleek design can be mounted to almost any wall, allowing for head to toe organization of all your belongings. The Symphony Wall Organizer can stretch across a bare wall, making it a ... read more

Boost Your Sales and Profit with the Right Accessories

Designing the perfect closet for your customers takes more than just expert carpentry skills. It involves careful consideration of your customers' needs, preferences, and desires. Some customers might require additional storage space, while others want a shoe rack or a tie hanger. Whatever it is, you need to be able to provide the right accessories ... read more

Quartet – The Ultimate Entryway

Is your home's entryway currently a chaotic mess? Do you often find yourself tripping over shoes, struggling to find a place for your keys, or constantly nagging family members to hang up their jackets and backpacks? It's time to say goodbye to all that stress and disorganization, and hello to a functional and beautiful entryway ... read more

Duet – Two Ways to Organize

Are you tired of clutter and disorganization in your home or workspace? Look no further than the Symphony Duet - a versatile storage system designed to provide ample space and functionality for all your organizational needs in TWO unique ways. First, in a wall-mounted application: The double bar configuration of the Symphony Duet offers endless ... read more

Solo – A Symphony Story

The Symphony Solo is a highly versatile wall organization product that can be incorporated into various areas of the home. With its single bar design, it offers endless possibilities for adding hanging options wherever you may need them. One great use for the Symphony Solo is in closets. Instead of using traditional cleat mount hooks, ... read more

How to Care for Metal Accessories

Many of TAG's product finishes come to life through  a process called anodizing.  This creates a finish that is incredibly beautiful and incredibly durable.  Your TAG product will never experience the wear and abuse of any exterior anodized product (such as window frames or deck railings) but from time to time will need to be ... read more

How to Care for Faux Leather

What Is Faux Leather?  Faux leather, which is the same thing as synthetic leather, is made from plastic or vinyl that is treated with texture and color to mimic real leather. In addition to being cruelty-free and less expensive, faux leather is also more resistant to water and is not as prone to staining or fading as ... read more

Coordinated Hardware

A meticulously designed closet space incorporates personalized design, provides visual delight and peace of mind. The Coordinated Hardware Systems offered by Tag Hardware do just that – providing accessories of superior functionality accompanied with impeccable design aesthetics. Our distinctive hardware allows you to create the perfect, custom coordinated space. A coordinated collection of hardware in … read more

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

On A Partition, Or Down the Hall The addition of a mirror in your closet space ensures you’re starting your day off right! It can also bring a little light into otherwise dark areas, and help make the most of what might otherwise be underused walls in closets where space is at a premium. Here … read more

The Refined Luxury of Leather

Leather brings timeless beauty to any space - providing a softness and luxury your clients will love to feel and touch every day. Leather is one of humankind’s earliest and most useful discoveries. Over the ages, our ancestors used leather to make clothing and footwear. Today, leather continues to be a material of choice - but ... read more

Dual-Tone Elegance

Our products are designed and manufactured with two different types of metal: aluminum and zinc.  The function and form of our components dictate what metal is best suited for the task it was designed for. The color of finish of these metals is achieved using completely different methods and the way they accept the color ... read more