How to simplify the decorative hardware selection process for your customer.

The custom closet shopping experience

When the phone rings with an inquiry for a design consultation, the expectations are high. Clients are looking for a solution to their organization problems, be it the need for a custom closet or a new office setup.

As designers, our role is to make the consultation process an effortless and seamless experience for the consumer. Throughout this process. there are many choices that clients need to make, from layout, to function, to colors, design features, accessories and more.

Today we are focusing on a very important topic: Decorative Hardware.

While decorative hardware is an essential element of a closet or built-in, it also introduces a layer of complexity in the selection process.

Take a moment to analyze the photo above. With so many shapes, styles and colors, each one of these handles comes with many questions. Here are a few:

  • How to guarantee the handles chosen will match the other metal elements in the closet?
  • Which style is right for my customer?
  • What is the availability of each handle?
  • What sizes do they come in?
  • What is the lead time for each piece?
  • What is the cost?
  • How much inventory will you need to support the hardware program depicted here?

Most importantly, how to keep your client focused on purchasing the closet? Offering too many options can bog down the sales process by causing decision fatigue.

How to make the decorative hardware selection process easier

TAG Hardware simplifies this part of the decision making process by offering a curated selection of decorative hardware options that come in six core finishes (Chrome, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickel, Matte Gold, Slate and Black), guaranteed to coordinate with all the TAG Hardware accessories in the closet.

Identifying your client’s style

TAG has identified four predominant styles in home design.

Understanding these different styles will help you offer the most suitable decorative hardware piece to your customer based on their preferred design aesthetic, saving yourself time and energy to focus on a great design!

Let’s explore each one of these styles, some of their predominant design elements, and which one of the collections from the TAG Hardware offering can help you win the project!

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN can be described as elegant and sophisticated.

Some elements of this design style are:

  • Furniture with low profile
  • Predominantly muted colors
  • Often with metal frames and straight legs
  • Emphasizes basic shapes and forms.
  • Graphic elements in artwork or as accents.

TAG’s Elite Hardware Collection is best suited for this type of aesthetic, the handles and knobs are minimal and elegant. For clients who are inclined to use push-to open doors and drawers for that “no hardware look”, the Elite Aluminum Pull can be used to achieve a more minimal look.


TRADITIONAL DESIGN can be described as ornate, detailed and symmetrical.

Some elements of this design style are:

  • Heavy crown and base molding
  • Printed wallpapers
  • Upholstered chairs
  • Antique pieces
  • Coffered ceilings

If you see these elements in your client’s home, you can’t go wrong with TAG’s traditional collection.

The traditional handle is TAG’s take on the bar pull, a very popular style found home design.


MODERN DESIGN can be described as sleek and minimal

Some elements of this design style are:

  • Clean, streamlined and low profile furniture
  • Materials like polished surfaces
  • Hidden accent lighting
  • Decoration is kept to a minimum.
  • You’ll find strong and sleek geometric shapes
  • Wide furniture pieces
  • Lots of horizontal lines

TAG’s modern collection is your hardware of choice for such projects.


TRANSITIONAL DESIGN can be described as timeless and harmonious.

Transitional design It is a cross between Traditional and Modern.

Some elements of this design style are:

  • Textural fabrics
  • Wall paneling and fabric wallpaper
  • Upholstered beds
  • Predominant metal accents with softer and rounder shapes

Your best choices for a home with these elements is TAG’s transitional collection, which has the bow Handle, Arched Handle and the Dropped handle.


As designers, we have the privilege to guide clients in making selections that make sense for their project – afterall, they are shopping for a custom solution. By offering a curated selection that is in alignment with their design style, you simplify the sales process and can be seen as a trusted advisor who is acting on your client’s best interest to create a tailored and outstanding shopping experience.

  • TAG’s decorative hardware program will guarantee full coordination with the metal elements in the closet.
  • They have smart and functional design.
  • They are readily available, in stock, and easy to source.
  • They will help expedite your client’s decision making process and make you shine!
Happy selling!