The Symphony Solo is a highly versatile wall organization product that can be incorporated into various areas of the home. With its single bar design, it offers endless possibilities for adding hanging options wherever you may need them.

One great use for the Symphony Solo is in closets. Instead of using traditional cleat mount hooks, consider utilizing the Symphony Solo to hang coats, belts, and even jewelry. The horizontal bar also provides an excellent solution for organizing scarves and ties.

But don’t limit yourself to just closet spaces! The Symphony Solo is also a perfect addition to mudrooms and entryways. Hang keys, purses, dog leashes, and more on this multipurpose system. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep these frequently used items within reach and organized.

You can even get creative with the Symphony Solo by incorporating it into other areas of your home.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this versatile product.

The Symphony Solo is the most versatile of all the Symphony products – the single bar system is suited to add hanging options almost anywhere in the home.

  • Add it to a closet partition or above a counter or table.
  • Symphony Solo is also a great addition to mudrooms and entryways, creating a place to hang keys, purses and dog leashes.
  • In the closet, it’s also a great alternative to cleat mount hooks.
  • Hang coats, belts and jewelry from hooks.
  • Use the horizontal bar to organize scarves and ties.


An elegant and simple solution for organizing and displaying jewelry.

And most importantly: SOLO makes it easier to access jewelry than a traditional jewelry box.

The beautiful and functional SOLO places all your jewelry at your fingertips without having knots in chains or searching for the missing earring to complete the pair.


Other jewelry organization solutions are not very elegant and do not coordinate with other design elements.



The SOLO creates an ideal place to hang belts or ties when installed on a closet partition or wall.


Make-up, jewelry and accessories all have a home that is well-organized and beautiful.


A simple solution for hanging belongings in an entryway, behind an office door, in a mudroom and more.

Add any combination of hooks to accommodate keys, jackets or shoes – and move or replace these hooks as needs change.


Symphony Solo is the alternative to a standard row of hooks: adaptable and adjustable. Symphony allows homeowners to choose a variety of hooks that can be adjusted to make room for larger items or can be condensed to add more hooks and belongings. The Symphony hooks slide along the track so you can maximize each hook’s purpose and even changes them as seasons or situations dictate.

Symphony also has a shallow profile making it an ideal fit behind doors.