TAG Hardware was established in 2002 to bring bespoke quality closet hardware, organizers, and other closet accessories to the North American market.

Inspired by European design trends and recognizing a niche in the market to provide matching hardware that complements the whole home, TAG Hardware designed and developed some of the best engineered closet hardware, accessories, and systems in the world.

Today, TAG Hardware works with thousands of notable closet shops, organizers and designers around the world providing purposeful design and manufacturing of hardware and organizing accessories for the closet, the garage, and the whole home.


TAG Hardware studies various storage spaces in the home and creates accessories that reflect modern sensibility and style.

Our engineers create hardware and accessories that are modular, highly functional and aesthetically inspiring. This uncompromising approach has placed TAG Hardware at the forefront as a conscious designer and product developer rather than simply a manufacturer. Our mission is to lead the closet industry with innovative storage solutions, differentiated by design.

We actively respond to evolving tastes and needs by manufacturing locally. We are responsive to the market at home in Canada and the US, but our storage accessories, home office accessories, and garage organization ideas have caught the attention of design aficionados around the world. From Canada and the US, to Europe and Asia – wherever there is an appreciation for form and function – you will find TAG Hardware.


Before TAG Hardware, designers would have to get poles, racks and drawer handles from different suppliers or manufacturers resulting in accessories that didn’t match or coordinate with each other.

The entire line of TAG Hardware products are developed with the expressed intent of fully coordinating with each other.

All the closet hardware and organizational accessories you need come in six coordinated metal finishes, 2 fabric accents and 3 faux-leather tones.  All of these finishes and textures match from product to product or provide a complimentary accent that results in a beautifully cohesive look.

The ideals and processes that influence our designs aim to provide the homeowner with unparalleled storage functionality in a distinctly luxurious product.

Recurring style elements in TAG’s collection creates cohesiveness within and across each application, while contrasts in color and texture draw the eye to the aesthetic of each piece.

Why TAG?

TAG enhances the functionality of the home with its Coordinated Hardware Systems. Our products can be fine-tuned by a design professional to suit the individual lifestyle of the homeowner. The coordinated finishes and designs we provide give the space a sleek and uncluttered look.

TAG Hardware isn’t simply a manufacturer of storage accessories; we are a privately-held engineering firm with a deep affinity for responsive design. Our patented modular designs are made in North America, where we can cater to the changing demands of the local market in real time.

TAG Hardware allows you to create the perfect, custom-coordinated space. Our accessories complement the professional designer’s vision with a timeless style that differentiates their designs in any space – whether it’s a sleek Manhattan studio, an expansive country rancher, or a modern California contemporary.



We seek inspiration from industrial and commercial applications that influence residential concepts.


We study the common storage spaces in the home, the homeowner’s evolving lifestyle, and currently available storage solutions to develop a set of specialized criteria for our design process.


We observe trends in interior design that play a role in translating our concepts into a prototypes. Our finished products serve functionality with high design aesthetic. The various products are designed to work together as Coordinated Hardware Systems ensuring they bring a consistent look to any space.