Designers used to have to source closet hardware from different suppliers and manufacturers – often in a limited color choices – with no consistent matching of tones or finishes.

With TAG Hardware’s Coordinated Hardware System you can realize your vision of a custom-designed closet that embodies beauty and sophistication.
Endless combination options of fabrics and finishes – plus our tailored product selection – ensures every accessory fits together harmoniously to help you create truly inspiring spaces.



Polished chrome is all about the spotlight with its bright, almost mirror-like finish. Polished chrome pairs well with almost any wood cabinetry, from a simple smooth white to the deepest textured blacks, and it’s a great option when combining bold crystal accents into your design.


Matte nickel is a highly popular, classic finish that adds a touch of warmth to what’s otherwise a neutral modern tone. A highly versatile match for either dark or light cabinetry, matte nickel is a perennial favorite of many designers because of its subtle, warmer metallic tones.


Matte aluminum is a timeless, neutral finish often used in conjunction with a bright touch of polished chrome. (We marry the two finishes together in pieces like our belt and shoe racks) Clean, sophisticated and radiant – matte aluminum provides the most flexibility when combining with any panel texture and tone or paint color.


Black is a sultry, sophisticated tone that is strong and commanding. Flattering and timeless, black can match with any design or style and is one of the few colors that can confidently coordinate with other décor in the room and home.


Matte gold makes a bold yet refined statement. Matte gold is another two-tone finish with a soft gold tone on the longer aluminum pieces, and bolder, brighter, gold accents on posts, hooks, end caps, and decorative pulls and handles.


Slate is a deep, neutral tone that matches virtually anything. When used as accent pieces it can be a great way to add visual weight to your space. 

Dual-Tone Elegance

TAG adds pops of bright and light that accentuate the depth of color in our products.



Winter is a sophisticated choice that will blend seamlessly into any decor. This beautifully crafted faux-leather embodies elegance, tact, and class with its sleek white hue that fits just as graciously with warm metal accents as well as cooler tones.


Whether your style preference is sleek and contemporary or traditional and timeless, Oyster adds warmth to accentuate an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Oyster will harmoniously blend with our metal accents for function and beauty sure to leave a lasting impression. 


In an era of fast moving trends, Pewter stands out as a robust and timeless choice representing comfort, longevity and exclusivity. Its deep, rich tone suits any fashion-conscious home and its elegance is befitting of those who demand luxury with a sense of sophistication. 



This warm, neutral-toned fabric provides softness and texture that compliments any finish or material color. You can achieve bold accents or subtle touches by coordinating Slate Grey with the various metal finishes in the TAG hardware product line.


The tones of this fabric add warmth to any closet and pair beautifully with TAG hardware metal finishes. The textured colors also help accent or compliment wood panel choices.

Integrated Coordination

See how we blend metals, fabrics and leathers together in perfect harmony.

FAQ: Finishes + Fabrics

Every manufacturer chooses colors that align with their own product lines and perception of market need. TAG tries to develop colors that can compliment or accent as wide a range as possible to ensure they can coordinate with any wood or wall color or pattern. READ MORE
Light plays a powerful role in color perception. What appears as one tone in a showroom looks different outside and looks different in a client's home. In addition, when there are multiple light sources or lights that create strong reflections or highlights the tone can appear quite different. READ MORE
The short answer is no. TAG selects colors and textures for products based on volume, popularity, associated accessories, manufacturing process capabilities etc. So some products have all colors, some have limited selection, and some either gain or lose a color choice depending on the product popularity or changes in production.