A meticulously designed closet space incorporates personalized design, provides visual delight and peace of mind. The Coordinated Hardware Systems offered by Tag Hardware do just that – providing accessories of superior functionality accompanied with impeccable design aesthetics.

Our distinctive hardware allows you to create the perfect, custom coordinated space. A coordinated collection of hardware in any space gives a sleek and uncluttered look to the room. In the same way that jewelry and ties can complete an ensemble, Tag provides coordinated hardware for the finishing touch to any functional space.

We designed our Coordinated Hardware Systems while keeping your senses and desires in mind. Each piece is crafted to respond to your ergonomic needs and simplify your daily routine. It is designed not only to serve its individual purpose, but to shape interaction within the space. Within our collection of coordinated hardware solutions, we simultaneously offer a wide range of products, in numerous colours and styles. Whether it is our Engage collection or our installation hardware, we provide coordinated and varying options to suit your space.

At Tag Hardware we emphasize the existence of design and functionality simultaneously, and our patented modular designs have placed us at the forefront as a conscious designer. As passionate designers and engineers we strive to remain ahead of the game by actively responding to evolving trends in interior design and residential concepts. We value the importance of continuity, visual appeal and functionality within a living space. And this is reflected in the manner in which our products complement each other and the space in which they reside.