On A Partition, Or Down the Hall

The addition of a mirror in your closet space ensures you’re starting your day off right! It can also bring a little light into otherwise dark areas, and help make the most of what might otherwise be underused walls in closets where space is at a premium. Here are four great reasons to bring mirrors into your closet design:


Mirrors let you see what others see. Complete your walk in closet with a dressing area by adding a mirror, either wall-mounted or on a pull-out from the side of a partition. The addition of a mirror also allows for creation of an integrated vanity area and is a great way to keep makeup out of the variable humidity of the bathroom. Pull-out mirrors work great in reach-in closets too, it is an excellent space-efficient addition to help you quickly visualize the look of different outfits and accessories without dragging your pieces over to another space (which usually don’t make their way back!).

Use Underused Spaces

The wall space behind the door of a walk-in closet or a mudroom are ideal places to position a fixed mirror, as it can be difficult (and often impossible) to add deeper pieces of furniture. A low-profile fixed mirror adds function to an otherwise underused space, and becomes the perfect place for one final check before heading out for the day.

Pull out mirrors are great additions to closets spaces where you want quick access to a mirror but don’t have the floor or wall space for adding a full length mirror. A full-rotation pull-out mirror mounted outside the end of a partition in a corner uses very little room when not in use, and the ability to rotate it makes it highly practical in limited spaces. Shorter 35” pull out mirrors can be mounted in the upper hanging sections of closets, great for designs short on vertical space too.


Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and in styles from simple frame-less pieces affixed with clips to outrageously decorative works of art. Closets are typically constrained spaces, so simple, clean frames in varied finishes that coordinate exactly with other hardware or frame-less vanity-style mirrors mounted above drawers at the back are flexible options that serve most closet designs well.

Visual manipulation is highly important to decorating in smaller spaces like most closets, so consider how adding mirrors can bring practical features and reflected light to enhance the design of your next custom closet. Please check out TAG Hardware’s portfolio of fixed, sliding, and full rotation sliding mirrors, available now through select custom closet companies, architects, and home builders.