Designing the perfect closet for your customers takes more than just expert carpentry skills.

It involves careful consideration of your customers’ needs, preferences, and desires. Some customers might require additional storage space, while others want a shoe rack or a tie hanger. Whatever it is, you need to be able to provide the right accessories to meet their unique needs. But, why bother with the hassle of adding accessories to your projects? Simply put, it increases sales and bottom line profit. Keep reading to find out how.

Understand Your Customers’ Pain Points.

Accessories can help increase your sales by addressing the specific pain points of your customers. When you listen to your customers to find out their needs, these needs can lead to added accessories to your project. For example, a customer may complain about not having enough storage space. Instead of settling for just extra shelves, you can offer pull-out baskets, a Symphony wall organizer, or slide-out drawers to complement their existing shelves. By suggesting relevant, life-enhancing accessories, you are introducing more products that will increase a customer’s overall purchase price, thus boosting your sales and profit margins.

Offer Expert Advice.

When you offer accessories, you’re also able to provide expert advice to your customers. Explain which products offer the best solution to their closet design needs – your customers will appreciate your customized advice particularly if it helps them improve their space. Offering expert advice not only earns you a loyal customer but also opens up avenues for other projects.

Emphasize Added Functionality.

Accessories improve the functionality of your projects. Your customers want their closets to be easy to use and efficient. When you add accessories to your designs, you provide the customer with extra features that add functionality and make it easier to organize their belongings. For example, a valet rack provides additional hanging space and allows the customer to visually organize and coordinate clothes – which saves time and effort. The end result: a satisfied customer who is more willing to spread the word about your services!

Offer Customization.

Accessories help provide customization to your customers, which is an effective way to differentiate your services from those of your competitors. With the right accessories, you can tailor your designs to your customer’s unique preferences. To meet your customers’ needs you can suggest shoe racks, sliding belt racks, and even unique organizational accessories that are exclusive from your competitors. When customers perceive how customizable your designs are, it gives them the confidence to invest more in their custom project, which translates to more sales for your company.

Increase Your Profit Margins.

Accessories offer you a great opportunity to increase your profit margins. When you suggest additional accessories, you are suggesting extra features to the customer, which does translates to more money – but the benefit to the homeowner is one that can last a lifetime. The good news is that adding a few accessories likely won’t lead to significant increases in your project’s total cost and consequently, you increase your revenue without having to invest in significant additional labor, which leads to increased profit margins.

In conclusion, adding accessories to your projects is an effective way of:

  • differentiating your services
  • providing your customers with added functionality
  • and boosting your sales and profit margins

Always be thinking about shoe racks, valet rods, and tie racks – when you add these extra features, you’ll be amazed at the significant impact they will have on your bottom line!

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