How hardware finish selection can help you sell more closets.

Let’s analyze the following scenario:

You are assigned to a new lead – it’s a consultation for a reach-in closet and it’s this client’s first time shopping for a custom closet.

Think back at the first time you did something for the first time. It can be intimidating!

I guarantee your client has many questions about the buying process, fulfillment, options available… What is double hanging? What is a reach-in? What about return walls? Chances are, when you started designing closets, you didn’t know much about these topics either.

Other concerns floating around your client’s mind could be:

  • Will all my clothes fit in here?
  • Is the designer going to be able to address all this mess?
  • Is this going to be in my budget?
  • What makes me different than the company that came yesterday?

On top of that, there are all the decisions that need to be made in regard to a custom closet; here are a few:

  • Layout
  • Style of cabinetry – backing? No backing? Custom drilling?
  • Melamine/wood selection
  • Decorative Hardware options
  • Accessories for the closet

OK, now that you have the context of what clients are looking for, let’s explore how you can make the process easier for them.

Every sales interaction starts with trust. If your client sees that you are listening attentively to collaborate on their project and that you are knowledgeable about your products and services, it will help you connect at a deeper level and increase the chances of closing the sale.

By reducing the number of decisions your client needs to make through the course of the consultation, you are streamlining the process and creating a great shopping experience, educating your client on the options available, and, at the same time, being more efficient in closing the sale.

“As designers, we are there to solve an organizational problem that the client is experiencing and have an unwritten agreement to facilitate the process. “
Look for cues in the environment

The client’s home is the perfect environment to give you cues about their preference. Every home has metal elements, such as:

  • Faucets
  • Door handles
  • How hardware finish selection can help you sell more closets 3
  • Architectural Hardware (towel bars, handles, windows)
  • Light fixtures

These items give you cues on your client’s preferences, and we are often exposed to these details throughout the house, even before getting to the closet.

Here are great speaking prompts to start the hardware finish conversation:

“I see that gold is the predominant finish for the hardware in your bathroom. Is this something you’d like to carry into your closet design?”

Or, back to our reach-in-closet example:

“I noticed that your door hardware is matte aluminum. Would you like the metal parts of your closet to have the same finish tone?”

These prompts work not only when designing closets; they can also be used when addressing other spaces in the home. Find an anchor (the predominant finish), and leverage it to connect with the customer.

Trust the process

TAG Hardware simplifies this part of the decision-making process by offering a curated selection of closet organization solutions that come in six core finishes (Chrome, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickel, Matte Gold, Slate and Black). These finishes will coordinate with virtually any metal you will find in a home and are guaranteed to be a perfect match with all the TAG Hardware elements in the closet.

Clients don’t realize that a Coordinated Hardware System for closets exists—it is your role as a designer to introduce them to the TAG concept. Just like you wouldn’t select several different finishes for the kitchen metal elements or build a house with a different handle finish on every door, there is an unspoken expectation for consistency in the closet.

By taking ownership of the hardware finish conversation and making suggestions, you are showing your client that:

  1. You are putting their home and preferences at the forefront of the consultation.
  2. You are making personalized, professional recommendations to suit their needs.
  3. The design will be consistent and functional, as all the TAG accessories in the closet will be excellent solutions for their organizational needs and will flow effortlessly with the aesthetic of their home.

By addressing hardware finish, you eliminate one more decision your client needs to make about their custom closet purchase. Instead of letting the finish conversation be a roadblock left to the end of the consultation, you can be proactive and guide your customer in the right direction from the get-go, and spend more time on other critical decisions that will help your client buy the perfect solution for them!

What if you are working on a brand-new construction project?
Ask for the home palette of finishes/inspiration board. If your client is working with an interior designer or an architect, there will likely be a briefing with what each room looks like or, at minimum, a materials selection palette for the project.

Bonus: By engaging those professionals, you now have the opportunity to start a relationship with the architect/builder, who can then open the doors for future projects!

Once you pick a finish, everything falls into place

All the TAG accessories that make the closet functional and beautiful come in the six core finishes and include every foundational accessory from hanging rods to tie racks, Engage Pull Out Drawers, decorative hardware, and more. You can rest assured knowing that all the accessories from the TAG line will flow effortlessly in the closet.

What resources and samples are available?

TAG has created various sample kits from roll-up handle samples to a portable table-top display that contains our essential decorative hardware collection and samples of the six metal finishes. This is a great tool to bring with you and will aid in the hardware selection conversation.

TAG’s product library is fully embedded in leading closet design software so you can render all the accessories and finishes – which in turn helps clients connect with their space.

  • Leading the finish conversation will help you have a more effective consultation and connect with your client at a deeper level.
  • A coordinated system helps you streamline your design process by eliminating the number of decisions your clients need to make, making you a more efficient designer.
  • Selling accessories is a great way to increase your average job size.
  • TAG’s finishes guarantee full coordination with the metal elements in the closet.
  • The products are readily available, in stock, and easy to source.
  • TAG has a sample program and design software integration to support the consultation.

The right finish will expedite your client’s decision-making process and make you shine!

Happy selling!