Month: April 2024

Emerging Design Trends – 2024

Ariane Brabant, Business Development Manager for TAG was part of a presentation and discussion at Closet Expo 24. Here are some highlight topics and information from that presentation. WATCH THE ENTIRE PRESENTATION (50 mins) PRESENTERS This presentation was hosted my Michaelle Bradford from Closets Magazine and presented by Knikki Grantham of Belwith Keeler and Ariane ... read more

Closet Expo 2024 – Product Overview

Below is an overview of the TAG exhibit from Closet Expo 2024. We highlighted our decorative hardware line, leather textures, Symphony, and our newest product: Contour.   All of these products are coordinated - from the leather and fabric to the metal finish - so you can design a closet that will truly look integrated from ... read more