Compose Your Life

The MADDOX WALL ORGANIZER is an elegant, customizable storage system designed to hang, hold or hook almost anything – almost anywhere – in the home. 

The sleek, low profile bars and accessories makes MADDOX an ideal storage solution – a solution like nothing else in the market.

With MADDOX you can gain storage space in constrained areas that simply are just too difficult to incorporate shelving or drawers.

Behind doors

On a closet partition

On a narrow closet wall

MADDOX features luxurious faux leather wrapped bars and stunning metallic accent accessories that coordinate with the rest of the TAG Hardware line.

This assortment of hooks, bins, trays, and an optional Surface Mount adaptor, allow you to customize the size, shape and look of the MADDOX to suit any organizational need and contribute to a more functional and relaxing environment.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the MADDOX concept was influenced by mid-century European slatted wall racks.

These were essentially coat racks -and limited in what they could hold and organize –  but they added a unique, artistic touch to the wall and the home and are still in use today.

The TAG design team spent over two years researching and developing the MADDOX system to create an elevated and robust tribute to its European inspiration. 


The Spaces

MADDOX was designed to be more than just a coat rack – it was created to bring unique organization solutions to the WHOLE HOME. 

The various sizes and adaptable configurations of MADDOX provide countless design options for adding more organizational space to closets, entryways, the home office and more.



Transform the entryway of every home with MADDOX, turning unorganized dumping grounds into functional family focal points.

  • Create a space for everyone’s belongings
  • Hang jackets and backpacks
  • Store handbags and hats
  • Make a convenient home for keys and accessories
  • Eliminate that pile of shoes at door


In the closet, MADDOX can maximize storage opportunities by moving belongings out of the traditional closet areas and freeing up premium closet space.

  • Organize collections of ties, scarves, and belts
  • Beautifully and efficiently store shoes
  • Create a staging area
  • Display personal fashion accessories


In the home office, MADDOX keeps you organized and eliminates the clutter. There is an accessory or hook for any work area.

  • Neatly store pens and pencils and other stationery supplies
  • Organize bills and other documents
  • Keep your phone or tablet charged and ready for use