And sunglasses and ties and shirts and socks…

The CONTOUR Drawer Organization System is a configurable and adjustable solution that outperforms typical, static jewelry inserts.

CONTOUR can be tailored to fit any drawer size and function: from jewelry and personal items to socks, pants, sweaters and more.

24in Jewelry Insert OYS + handle Persp


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Reshaping Drawer Organization

Transform your drawers from chaotic catch-alls to models of efficiency with Contour, the premium drawer organization system designed for the discerning closet designer and homeowner alike. Contour’s revolutionary design makes it not just an accessory; it’s a comprehensive solution for any size and type of drawer, with a versatility that stands unmatched in today’s market.

Unlike static drawer organizers, Contour is made up of modular components that can be tailored to a client’s personal inventory needs.  Contour is a system of moveable trays, dividers and compartments that allows for easy adjustments, additions, and reconfigurations as needs or personal accessories change.  

For items like jewelry, sunglasses, ties, and belts Contour provides u-shaped compartments, trays and liners that give each item a place to stay well organized.  

For clothing drawers, Contour’s 3” and 5” high leather dividers can be set in any position and in any quantity to hold everything from socks and lingerie to pants and sweaters. 

Crafted from premium faux leather, Contour is not only practical – it adds a touch of elegance to the drawers and the entire closet. The texture and feel of Contour’s faux leather material elevates the drawer’s look and beautifully showcases the personal items within. The smooth, soft leather is easy to keep clean and is excellent for holding delicate pieces.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Contour is ordered in packaged sets and effortlessly installed in minutes – making it easy to integrate into any closet system and become the standard drawer organizer for every closet professional.




Contour’s system is ingeniously designed to be fully adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for any drawer, regardless of size or content changes. This adaptability allows for an organization system that grows and changes with your needs.



With three colors of faux leather to choose from, Contour coordinates seamlessly with the entire TAG product line as well as any other tone and finish – offering a refined look that elevates the overall aesthetic of your space.



The Contour system is based on two distinct components – trays for personal items like jewelry and watches, and dividers for organizing clothing items such as pants, shirts, and lingerie. This dual approach ensures everything has its place.



The Contour system is the perfect drawer organization system for your company: simple to design and configure, easy to order and install.  Contour can be ordered by the job – there are no lead times and no minimum quantities. Alternatively, Contour can be kept in your inventory as a regular stocking item for all your standard drawer installations.


See the options and sizes available in this beautiful drawer organization system.

Unmatched Advantage:

Contour is specifically designed for closet designers who understand the value of both function and aesthetics in home organization. Its versatile and sophisticated design makes it the perfect choice for professionals looking to offer clients a superior organization system.

In comparison to similar products in the market, Contour sets itself apart by its non-static nature. Its ability to be slid, adjusted, or added to provides a level of customization that static drawer accessories simply cannot offer. This makes Contour an unparalleled tool in achieving organized, efficient, and elegant storage solutions.

With Contour, drawer organization is no longer a compromise between functionality and style. It represents a new standard in customizable home storage solutions, offering unmatched versatility, quality, and ease of use. Choose Contour, and transform any drawer into a beautifully organized space that reflects sophistication and efficiency.