TAG TrackWall

TAG TrackWall

TAG TrackWall – Tips and Reasons Why

Whether you call it Omni Track® or Fusion, or go by our name, TAG TrackWall, our system can’t be beat for versatility, ease of installation, and superior coordination. TAG TrackWall takes advantage of idle wall space while freeing up floor space, desk space, and shelf space.


Less Is More

You don’t need to slather TAG TrackWall across an entire wall. A few well-placed track wall pieces, plus some carefully thought out accessories, means that our TrackWall solution is an efficient and economical way to bring organization to spaces outside the closet.

TAG TrackWall is ideal for the garage, a space that is usually difficult to keep organized. With multiple hooks and racks available, there is a home for everything, from oversized sports equipment to small garden tools. Hanging items on the TrackWall allows you to organize items where they can easily be seen and accessed. TAG TrackWall also provides flexibility, allowing for repositioning and reorganization of items as seasons and needs change.

For office or craft room applications, consider including an erasable whiteboard or a cork panel between two horizontal sections of track, or between the track and a work surface. Your clients will appreciate the added functionality, and the easy-to-install aluminum edges provides a clean, finished look.

Don’t Forget to Lock Up!

Accessory cover caps are available in both a black and a light grey plastic, but they’re more than just decorative – the caps have an important function. Remove the cover caps from the accessory hooks to reposition them, but don’t forget to click them back on once they’re in place! Locking the caps prevents hooks from accidentally detaching when clients are lifting items on or off the hooks, keeping them secure.

Less is More to Install, Too

Although it’s great to work with a friend, TAG TrackWall can be installed solo. How? Temporary nails are enough to hang the track before it’s secured into studs with screws. No assistance required means jobs can be completed in less time and at lower cost.

(Image courtesy: Tailored Living)


Coordinated Hardware Systems

It wouldn’t be TAG Hardware without a way to bring the design together. For closet applications, the ribbed detail on the track pieces are similar to what you’ll find on our Signature pole or on our ELITE and ENGAGE pull-out accessories, and the matte aluminum colour is a perfect finish match. For garage, mudroom, or craft room applications, TAG Hardware offers both bar and extruded aluminum handles, as well as foot levelers for cabinetry that link TAG TrackWall with the rest of your design.