TAG TrackWall

TAG TrackWall

TAG TrackWall – Going Beyond the Closet

TAG Hardware goes beyond the closet. Our TAG TrackWall is a simple and sleek wall system that can be used in the garage, office, pantry, craft room, utility closet, closet and more. It takes advantage of idle wall space while freeing up floor space, desk space, and shelf space. Incorporate the TrackWall to instantly create more functional spaces in any room!

It is available in one of our most versatile finishes, Matte Aluminum. This finish works well in any space without taking away from the overall design. We have three categories within the TrackWall Collection, Garage, Office, and Closet, but the accessories can be mixed and matched in these spaces and beyond to fit individual storage needs.


The TrackWall is ideal for the Garage, a space that is usually difficult to keep organized. Create a home for everything from large sporting equipment to hand tools with the use of various Light and Heavy Duty hooks. These hooks can be easily repositioned and locked in place as needs change. Hanging items on the TrackWall allows you to organize items where they can easily be seen and accessed.

Allison, from Neat Method Portland, organized items on this TrackWall (designed by California Closets) by their size and use. Bikes, skateboards, and tennis rackets are stored along the wall and smaller tools are placed on the TrackWall installed over a work bench.


The TrackWall is also great for office spaces, whether they are small or large. With more people working and learning from home these days the TrackWall offers a quick solution to creating a more organized space without sacrificing additional floor space. In the office, the TrackWall can be used as an alternative to bulky drawer units and filing cabinets with the use of accessories like Trays and File Hangers. For additional storage, incorporate accessories from Closet TrackWall and Light Duty Garage Hooks to hang items such as scissors, rulers, and rolls of paper.

It Doesn’t End There…

The TrackWall can be incorporated in any space that is in need of additional storage. Imagine how Mudrooms, Utility Closets, and Craft Rooms can be transformed with the addition of a TrackWall.