TAG Hardware Designer Bag

TAG Hardware Designer Bag
TAG Hardware
TAG Hardware Designer Kit in a Bag

New Designer Bag + Display Kit

Help your customers fall in love with TAG’s coordinated hardware system with this new, expanded mobile designer kit — now in the bag!

Bring this new, comprehensive mobile showroom to your customers and let them feel the luxurious smooth finishes and robust engineering of TAG products. Display dozens of show-stopping project photos in the Designer Inspiration Book. Let your customers marvel at the ingenuity and versatility of TAG’s diverse storage systems and elegant coordinated hardware. Help them discover everything they never knew that they had to have.

The new expanded TAG Hardware Designer Bag has practically everything you need in your mobile sales tool kit, from swatches and metal samples to decorative and functional hardware to help your customers fall in love with your design.

Designer Bag + Display Kit

Explore what’s in the bag…

TAG Hardware’s designer kit now comes in a durable black shoulder bag. See what’s inside…


Display Kit

The new Designer Bag includes TAG’s original double-sided, table-top Display Kit, in your choice of one of TAG’s six coordinated finishes. The other five finishes are featured on five Elite Round Knobs.

* Note: If you already have the Display Kit, you can upgrade to get the new black shoulder bag with more samples, swatches and the Designer Inspiration Book. More details below.

* Note: Your selected finish will be provided for all other finishes in the newly expanded Designer Bag. Read on to learn more.

Display Kit Side A

>Elite Round Knobs*

>Elite Belt Rack

>Elite Valet Pin

* All hardware provided in your selection of finish. (Matte Nickel Featured)

* Elite Round Knobs are provided in the five other available finishes.

Hardware Samples

To fully appreciate the refined design of TAG’s coordinated hardware, your customers need to touch and feel the products. To address this need, we’ve expanded the selection of hardware in the new Designer Bag with two new additions: the decorative hardware roll-up kit with metal finish samples, and the Symphony Wall Organizer sample pouch. Both sample kits are displayed in a luxurious black faux suede.

* Note: All hardware samples come in the finish you selected for the main double-sided Display Kit.

Sample Symphony Wall Organizer

>Vegan leather wrapped horizontal bar
(Winter, Oyster, or Pewter)

>Coat Hook

>Triple Hook

>Metal Finish
(Matte Gold, Matte Nickel, Matte Aluminum, or Slate)

Swatches + More

Let your customers delight in the rich, luxurious materials you will design into their home. Encourage them to experience the opulence of Symphony’s refined vegan leather. Demonstrate an appreciation for the durable yet supple Engage fabrics. Let them revel in the glimmering, smooth matte aluminum of TAG’s coordinated finishes. Also share your own wood or cabinetry samples, stored for easy access in the front pockets of TAG’s new black Designer Bag.

Fabric and Leather Swatches

>Vegan leather swatches for Symphony horizontal bars

>Engage Fabric swatches

Pockets for Additional Swatches

Store your own wood or cabinet swatches

New Glossy Designer Inspiration Book Included

Get Inspired! Explore nearly 100 pages of beautiful designer project photos, featuring TAG’s coordinated hardware and detailed product information. See gorgeous applications of the elegant and functional Symphony Wall Organizer. Marvel at the bold new 10 inch Elite Modern Handle. Admire the versatility of the robust aluminum TrackWall. Help your customers envision their home with improved design and organization, with TAG’s coordinated hardware system.

Showcase the glossy printed Designer Inspiration Book to your customer. It’s a vital part of the sales process and is included as part of your complete Designer Bag toolkit. Preview the PDF here.

Download the Designer Inspiration Book.

View Designer Bag Order Information

Already have the Display Kit? Upgrade to the Bag!

Display Kit


If you already have the main table-top Display Kit, you can just upgrade to the Designer Bag, featuring more samples and swatches.


  • Black Shoulder Bag
  • Symphony Wall Organizer
    Vegan Leather Wrapped Sample Horizontal Bar
  • Symphony Triple Hook + Coat Hook
  • New Designer Inspiration Book
  • Leather + Fabric Swatches
  • Decorative Handles
  • Metal Finish Samples

* For more details, see the Order Information Sheet (PDF).

Also remember to get your

Showroom Display

and add a Symphony Wall Organizer

Contact your Hafele Representative to order your Designer Bag + Display Kit,
or get the Designer Bag Upgrade:


Get in touch with your TAG Sales Representative to request the new Designer Bag or bag upgrade.