Cue the Music — Symphony is Here!

Cue the Music — Symphony is Here!
September 17, 2019 webmaster

Cue the Music—Symphony is Here!

Our team at TAG Hardware is proud to announce immediate availability of the new Symphony Wall Organizer system market-wide through our distributor Häfele America.

We’ve had two sneak previews showing different versions of Symphony installed in different spaces. With the release today, we’re going to fill you in on all the details, and show you some of the resources we have for you to present Symphony to your clients.



“The Symphony Wall Organizer solves storage problems for constrained spaces,” said Sergi Ullod, an industrial design engineer here at TAG Hardware. “It combines low-profile wall storage with a high-end design aesthetic. Our goal was to create functional art, and I believe we’ve accomplished that with Symphony.”



The Symphony Wall Organizer projects only 2 ¾” (70mm) from a wall or panel surface, allowing it to be mounted in space-limited locations.


Available in three heights and four widths, the dozen configurations of Symphony solve different storage problems in different spaces.


The smallest size of Symphony (19” high by 13 ½” wide) can tuck neatly onto the side of a partition or above a vanity.


The largest size of Symphony (66” high by 47” wide) is a signature piece for a home entryway or another large wall.


The ten sizes in between provide storage options for any cramped or otherwise awkward spaces – behind doors, across from another closet section, in a hallway, or in a mudroom.


New materials bring different textures and a unique look to the modular Symphony Wall Organizer. Three colours of vegan imitation leather wrap horizontal bars:




Symphony’s horizontal bars are available in four widths – 13 ½, 23, 35, and 47”.

Symphony’s vertical bars are made of anodized aluminum, with coordinated plated zinc end caps included for the horizontals. The uprights, caps, and accessory hooks are available in four of TAG Hardware’s most popular finish colours:

  • Matte Aluminum
  • Matte Gold
  • Slate
  • Matte Nickel – available in October

Symphony’s vertical bars are available in three heights – 19 ,42, and 66”.


Before going into details on the hooks, it needs to be said that the Symphony Wall Organizer can store a lot of different objects without any accessory hooks. The ‘grid’ design and meticulously studied spacing between horizontals allows the storage of multiple items – umbrellas, canes, bags, ties, scarfs, pants, heels, bracelets, dog leashes… we could go on, but you get the point.

Adding hooks into the mix, however, creates more storage options. We talked about these in the second preview post, but here are the four hooks:

  • Triple hooks are perfect for hanging smaller items. In an entryway application, they’re ideal for hanging keys. In a dressing area or vanity space, they could be used to hold belts or jewelry. Long items like belts or necklaces hang from the bottom row, and bracelets or hoop earrings from the top or middle row.
  • Coat hooks are very flexible, and they are definitely meant for more than just coats. Any larger item that you’d want to hang will work great on a coat hook – robes or dressing gowns in a bedroom or closet, or hats, backpacks, or large purses by an entryway.
  • Not surprisingly, small and large shoe hooks are meant for shoes.

We’ve included this useful Symphony Storage Matrix that explains how many different objects you can store with some standard Symphony layouts combined with accessory hooks. Example: if your client has 168 belts that need to be stored, you could fit 56 triple hooks on a 42” high by 47” wide Symphony, and display his or her whole collection! We’ve done the math for you for common objects.


Because it’s modular, the Symphony Wall Organizer will come to you with vertical and horizontal bars separately, plus optional accessory hooks. You’ll need to assemble it, but not to worry – a detailed Installation Guide is included, and because everyone learns how to do things by watching YouTube videos, we’ve created this video to show you how to assemble and install Symphony.

Once assembled, Symphony is easy to install. Legs attach into toggle bolts, meaning the system attaches quickly and securely into any drywall, no studs required. A quick turn of a set screw rapidly secures Symphony to the wall.


We’ve created lots of tools to help you better understand the Symphony Wall Organizer, and are building more to help you present to your clients:


  • The Product pages have links to:
    • Product Guides, which show dimensions and other specifications
    • Symphony product photography – both the individual products, and application photos that show Symphony in use.
    • Installation Guides and Installation Videos
    • Stock cross references if you’re looking for Häfele part numbers


  • You can also find photos, Product Guides, Installation Guides, the Symphony Storage Matrix, videos, and more in the Resources section of our site.

More Symphony tools are coming soon over the next few weeks, including a video presentation and updates to our catalogue. Our TAG Hardware team is VERY excited about the launch of Symphony, and we know your clients are going to love Symphony too!