Closet Transformation – Story of Style x TAG

TAG Hardware recently collaborated with Dr. Hina Cheema of @StoryofStyle for her #OneRoomChallenge. Hina is a Humanitarian and a self-proclaimed home body. Over the past year or so she and her husband, Zaki, have been renovating their home (@ourdallashome) one space at a time, and it was finally time to update the Master Closet.

Upon seeing Hina’s storyboard we knew that our products would fit seamlessly in her design. Her choice of neutral tones and modern gold accents made our Matte Gold finish an obvious choice for Hina.

“The muted gold…[tone] is so chic without being over the top.” – Hina

The Design & Process

Hina and Zaki’s master closet offered ample space but it lacked functional storage and organization. Hina came up with the design herself based on their needs, and began searching for the products that best suited her vision.

Her design incorporated plenty of drawer storage for daily wear and bulky items. But this still left her with ample vertical hanging space. To make the most of this vertical space Hina chose to incorporate essential TAG Hardware Closet accessories, this included the:

Elite Belt Rack

Elite Scarf Rack

Elite Tie Rack

Elite Valet Pins

Signature Pole

These accessories can be easily added to vertical sections in the closet to optimize storage. They are mounted on idle vertical panels, creating functional storage for belts, scarf, ties, and more.

Before & After
See the process

Products & Function

Dallas Closet Design was able to assist with the install, making sure each accessory was placed where it would have optimal use and accessibility.


The Scarf and Belt racks are conveniently placed for easy access. “I especially love the fact that they can be pulled out and then tucked away. Perfect for the inside of the closet, everything is so organized and functional.” – Hina

TAG Hardware products are intended for multiple uses to enhance the functionality of the products. Hina tested this out herself, she uses her “belt rack for long strap purses, [and finds it] super versatile!

Organization Closet Tour
ELITE Belt Rack
ELITE Scarf Rack

ELITE Valet Pin

One of Hina’s favourite TAG Hardware accessories was the Elite Valet Pin. Although the Valet Pin is a small and discrete accessory it is very impactful in any closet and can easily be incorporated to the face of a vertical closet panel.

“Love them so much. Look like a sleek button [that] can be pulled out to hang bags, robes, clothes!”

ELITE Valet Pin
ELITE Valet Pin
ELITE Valet Pin


Finally, the Signature Pole. “The shape of the poles is unique, flat as opposed to the usual round form which I love, and the grooves add an almost reeded look which is so current” and works well with the reeded look of the drawer faces in the closet.

Signature Pole
Signature Pole
Signature Pole

Finishing Accents

TAG Hardware was able to provide Hina with a Coordinated Hardware System, elevating the design and giving a boutique feel. The Matte Gold finish was the perfect match to her colour scheme, the reflectivity of the metal accents complements the closet perfectly while still blending seamlessly with the overall design. Hina’s design choices further enhanced her closet space, she was able to create interest and texture in the space while still maintaining a coherent and thoughtful style.

All TAG Hardware items in this post are available through our distributor Hafele