Symphony Wall Organizer Preview: Second Movement

Symphony Wall Organizer Preview: Second Movement
September 5, 2019 webmaster

Symphony Wall Organizer Preview: Second Movement



Our last preview video showed Symphony installed in a home entryway. Today we’re previewing Symphony in a few other sizes and places: the smallest size mounted above a vanity, and a medium-size organizer in a narrow closet.

Three different heights (19, 42, 66”), in different finishes, for different purposes, in different spaces – Symphony is the solution to low-profile wall organization for all different kinds of constrained spaces.


If you looked very carefully, you were able to spot a few of each of the specialized accessory hooks visible in the video too:

  • Triple hooks are perfect for hanging smaller items. In an entryway application, they’re ideal for hanging keys. In a dressing area or vanity space, they could be used to hold belts or jewelry. Long items like belts or necklaces hang from the bottom row, and bracelets or hoop earrings from the top or middle row.
  • Coat hooks are very flexible, and they are definitely meant for more than just coats. Any larger item that you’d want to hang will work great on a coat hook – robes or dressing gowns in a bedroom or closet, or hats, backpacks, or large purses by an entryway.
  • You won’t see any in this preview video, but you may have seen them in the previous one: small and large shoe hooks are meant for shoes. The two sizes are designed for larger or smaller shoes. You can put smaller-size shoes on a large shoe hook, or wedge large shoes onto a smaller shoe hook, but they just won’t fit right: small shoes will be falling off a large hook, and large shoes will be tough to take off when you want to wear them. We know that someone will get creative with new functions for the shoe hooks, but to start, they’re meant just for shoes.


The last preview note on the hooks is about attaching and positioning.

  • The triple and shoe hooks are secured to the back of Symphony’s horizontal bars with T-nuts, tightened into place with an Allen key. This means you need a little planning when setting up, but these hooks secure firmly to the backs of the bars.
  • The coat hooks attach with a plastic snap catch, making them easy to reposition, though they feel less permanent.


We recommend planning where you want to put shoe hooks and triple hooks, attaching them, mounting Symphony to the wall (secured onto the posts with set screws), and then placing the coat hooks where you want after.

Of course, all the hooks can be repositioned, but planning makes your life easier.