Product Update: ENGAGE Pant & Laundry Organizers

Product Update: ENGAGE Pant & Laundry Organizers
June 11, 2019 webmaster

Product Update: ENGAGE Pant & Laundry Organizer

Our ENGAGE pull-out drawer and accessory system has been a big hit, and we’re making it easier than ever to purchase and install our solutions for laundry and hanging storage. ENGAGE Frames are now packaged together with hangers or laundry hamper bags to create ENGAGE Pant Organizers and ENGAGE Laundry Organizers.

When we launched ENGAGE, we sold the frames for hanging storage separately from the pieces that are hung on the frame. Over the past few years, we’ve found that the majority of our customers purchase ENGAGE as needed for each installation, so what we thought were benefits (having separate parts for frames, hanging laundry bags, and pant hangers) aren’t really helpful, and actually add complexity when ordering and installing.

After redesigning our ENGAGE packaging late last year, we’re now able to include pant hangers or laundry bags in the boxes that hold the frames. We’re proud to launch the ENGAGE Laundry Organizer, and the ENGAGE Pant Organizers – complete out-of-the-box hanging storage solutions for laundry or pants.

Not to worry – replacement laundry bags (and hangers, if you ever need them) will still be available. But the new ENGAGE Laundry Organizer and ENGAGE Pant Organizers will make meeting your clients’ storage needs just that little bit easier.


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