New Product Preview: Symphony Wall Organizer

New Product Preview: Symphony Wall Organizer
July 25, 2019 webmaster

New Product Preview: Symphony Wall Organizer



TAG Hardware’s Symphony Wall Organizer combines modern aesthetics with low-profile versatile storage. A piece of functional art, Symphony is the perfect solution for utilizing limited spaces – behind doors, across from another closet section, in a hallway, or on the side of a partition.

Symphony will be available in multiple heights (19, 42, 66”), widths (13.5, 23, 35, 47”), and finish options to provide a broad array of sizes and looks for different spaces and purposes. These varied sizes allow the system to take up most of a wall as a signature piece, or to work less conspicuously into a unified design.


For this product sneak preview, we’ve installed a Symphony Wall Organizer in a home entryway.

Check out the short video clip, and see if you can spot:

  • Different hooks providing varied storage applications. First clue: Wiley’s dog leash is hung up on a triple hook.
  • Symphony’s “leg” posts attaching it to the wall – Symphony attaches quickly and easily into any drywall, no studs required. A quick turn of a set screw rapidly and safely secures the system. Of course, you can mount Symphony into a wall stud, or directly onto a partition as well.
  • The materials used – Symphony’s horizontal bars are wrapped with vegan-friendly imitation leather, with zinc diecast caps and hook accessories linking into and extending TAG Hardware’s Coordinated Hardware System.

There is much more to tell that we’ll reveal as we move toward the official launch of Symphony early this fall. Sign up for updates, and check your inbox for more details again next time.