New Product Preview: Illuminated Glass Shelf

New Product Preview: Illuminated Glass Shelf
TAG Hardware

New Product Preview: Illuminated Glass Shelf

Where We Got the Idea

Over the last two years, TAG Hardware has brought in two new metal finishes – matte gold and slate – as the perfect complement to the fabric colours used in the ENGAGE system. The impact that light has on the way the eye perceives the metal finishes, as well as the interplay between the mixed materials has led our engineering team to look at ways of bringing in both more light and a new material into our product offering. Their design efforts led to the development of our newest product, the Illuminated Glass Shelf, and it will debut this fall. We’re offering you a sneak preview to whet your design appetite.


This will be a shelf, with the useable surface made of glass, with lighting in it, so we thought the name Illuminated Glass Shelf made a whole lot of sense. To our ears, it sounded better than the initial alternative name, which was “Shelf Made of Glass with Lighting In It”.

Important disambiguations:

  • “Illuminated” does not refer, in any way, to decorated or illustrated manuscripts produced in antiquity or the Middle Ages; it refers to being able to be lit up with integrated lighting.
  • Although the parts of the names are the same, the Illuminated Glass Shelf is not related to celebrated minimalist composer Philip Glass, nor to NPR radio personality Ira Glass. We are just referring to the non-crystalline, amorphous, transparent solid material called glass. Don’t get confused!


  • Two depths: a 14” standard depth, and a 20” hutch depth.
  • Two color temperature options for lighting: warm or cool. No, you won’t be able to switch between them, but you can pick what will coordinate with the rest of the lighting in the closet / room.
  • The integrated illumination will use Hafele’s 12 volt Loox lighting system driver, so it’s plug-and-play compatible with other lighting that you may want to use elsewhere in the same closet.

The last point here won’t be new: the frames will come in a selection of our standard finishes, which will coordinate with other TAG Hardware products in various collections. The teaser videos are all in our newest Slate finish, and if you look closely, you’ll also see an ENGAGE Jewelry Organizer set up in a vanity application, and four of our Modern Knobs used for jewelry.