The Illuminated Glass Shelf is here to light up your closet.

Instantly add sophistication in the closet and elevate your design with the sleek Illuminated Glass Shelf. The Illuminated Glass Shelf delivers transparently elegant storage and is available through Hafele.

The Design

The Illuminated Glass Shelf is TAG Hardware’s latest example of how mixed materials are married to create a distinct style. With this product alone you can bring three design elements into your project, glass, light, and metallics.

  • The most noticeable component, glass, adds interest and lightens a space that is usually heavy in solid materials like wood, solid countertops, and metals.
  • The light adds drama and brings attention to the area. Depending on the design of the closet, choose between either a warm or cool light option.
  • The Illuminated Glass Shelf is available in four finishes, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickel, Matte Gold, and Slate Grey – making it a part of our Coordinated Hardware System.

The shelves are available in two depths, 14” and 21”, and the depth of each of these can be slightly extended with a filler piece to allow for more customizability.


Put the spotlight on your favourite pieces by integrating the Illuminated Glass Shelf above an Engage Jewelry drawer or the Tie & Belt Drawer. The glass shelf creates an elegant top for these drawers, while still allowing visibility into the drawer and protecting the pieces from dust. The 14” Illuminated Glass shelf fits perfectly above Engage Drawers, with correlated widths of 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36”, and heightens the style quotient and functionality. Differentiate your designs by replacing standard wooden tops with TAG Hardware’s Illuminated Glass Shelves.

The Illuminated Glass Shelf also looks amazing when multiples are stacked to create a feature section. It’s the perfect way to display favourite shoes, bags, and collectibles. The seamlessly integrated lighting puts the focus on the display pieces, creating a boutique feel within the closet. Don’t just stop there, imagine the same design but installed against a mirror-backed closet section for a more dramatic effect!

Beyond the Closet

Stepping outside of the closet the Illuminated Glass Shelf is also a great addition to vanity spaces, living spaces, kitchens, and bars. Incorporate the glass shelf into built-in shelving units to display photos, art, and souvenirs.

Place the Illuminated Glass Shelves in slightly deeper sections to allow for glass cabinet doors to be installed, creating an enclosed showcase for your belongings.

Create a wow factor in almost any design with the addition of just one product, the Illuminated Glass Shelf. It adds elements of glass and light to a simple closet design increasing the level of sophistication and elegance, while at the same time providing storage. Like all TAG Hardware products, the Illuminated Glass Shelf was designed with functionality and style as the main focus.