Have You Been Using Foot Levelers Correctly?

Have You Been Using Foot Levelers Correctly?
January 8, 2018 webmaster

Since foot levelers are used to raise cabinets 3”, 6”, 9” and 12” heights off of the floor, and provide a 1” range of adjustability, they play a critically important role in supporting the weight of the unit and its contents.

If your cabinet design uses foot levelers, it is important to understand how foot levelers support the weight of the casework, and the correct way to install them:

  • In a typical cabinet, the weight of the entire unit and its contents is pulled down the side partitions towards the floor. The greatest need for support is on the bottom edge of the side partitions.
  • Ensure two of the mounting holes on the foot leveler are aligned along the bottom edge of the vertical/side partition and the third mounting hole is positioned correctly on the bottom shelf. See Figure 1, Section A.
  • If there is a middle partition shared by two units, and both side partitions have the foot levellers correctly installed, the center foot leveller will be installed with a single mounting location aligned along the bottom edge. See Figure 1, Section B.


Figure 1:

Incorrectly installed foot levelers could compromise the cabinet’s load bearing ability, resulting in unnecessary go-backs and potential repair work, so it’s important to always follow all installation instructions.

For additional information about TAG Hardware’s Foot Levelers, please refer to the product guide here.


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