These Designs Take (Matte) Gold

These Designs Take (Matte) Gold
TAG Hardware

These Designs Take (Matte) Gold

Matte Gold continues as a strong accent colour in interior design. Our Matte Gold finish is similar to the various Brushed Gold or Burnished Brass finishes that have been seen across bathroom fixtures, furniture, and home decor. The finish is more versatile than you may think; when incorporated in different spaces and paired with varying colours, it can offer a completely different look.

Subtle Pop of Colour

Here you can see what Matte Gold looks like against a darker wood finish. It gives the closet an understated and sophisticated appeal, without taking the spotlight from the design as a whole. The overall look is very different from what you get from the popular white and gold combination, in this space the Matte Gold adds a subtle yet elegant pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic design.

The Illuminated Glass Shelves in this space (yes, another sneak preview!) create additional interest by combining in elements like glass and light. These shelves are a great way to add more storage while maintaining an open, spacious look. Use the Illuminated Glass Shelves to create a boutique display of your belongings, or incorporate it in other spaces like the family room or vanity areas.

Add Warmth

As mentioned earlier, Matte Gold is a versatile finish that pairs well with more than just white. Going beyond the closet, Matte Gold also pairs well with darker blue cabinetry in the bathroom and kitchen.

The closet accessories in this closet add warmth and contrast to the cool tone cabinetry. This design by Organizers Direct is a great example of our Coordinated Hardware System in use, incorporating our Elite decorative hardware, ENGAGE collection of pull-out drawers and baskets, and Signature Poles, all in Matte Gold. You can see in these photos how Matte Gold ENGAGE products pair perfectly with the Beach fabric, and we’ll show you more next time how Matte Gold works well with all three leather colours available in our newest product, the Symphony Wall Organizer.

(Image courtesy: Organizers Direct)

Two-Toned Finish

Like other TAG Hardware finishes, Matte Gold too has reflective properties. The depth of the finish and the mix of metals we use in our accessories look slightly different under different lighting and surroundings. Watch this video on all of TAG Hardware’s finishes to learn more about our finishes.

Show It Off

Don’t keep Matte Gold hidden away in a vault; show it off to your clients to create excitement and generate sales. Get a TAG Hardware Designer Kit in Matte Gold to show off a range of accessories in the finish when you’re meeting in-home with a client. If you have a showroom, get Gold installed if you don’t have it already. Häfele has some excellent incentives in place; reach out to your Häfele sales representative or customer service for more details.

Coordinated Hardware Systems

Designing storage spaces with TAG Hardware accessories is easy; it eliminates search for different products in the same finish. Our wide range of decorative hardware, hooks, racks and valets are available in Chrome, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Gold, and Slate; you’ll find all the pieces you need, and they’ll work together perfectly.