New Designer Inspiration Book

New Designer Inspiration Book
TAG Hardware Designer Inspiration Book

TAG introduces the new Designer Inspiration Book

The new TAG Hardware Designer Inspiration Book is here! Take a sneak peak! Explore nearly 100 pages of inspiring designer photos and products. See some gorgeous applications of the elegant and functional Symphony Wall Organizer. Marvel at the bold new 10 inch Elite Modern Handle. Admire the versatility of the robust aluminum TrackWall, which is perfect for all types of storage — from the closet to the pantry to the garage.

See some highlights below, featuring TAG’s coordinated hardware collection in many show-stopping closet and storage designs. The new book also contains an enhanced product information section, with both TAG and Hafele item numbers to make ordering easier.

Get a glossy printed Designer Inspiration Book when you order the TAG Hardware Designer Kit. You can also download the new Designer Inspiration Book (PDF) here.

Symphony Wall Organizer

From entryways to narrow closets, from behind doors to around obstructions, Symphony Wall Organizer uses the unusable wall, maximizes storage, and creates an opportunity to display everything from jewelry, scarves and hats to coats, shoes and bags. Turn that open wall into a celebrated feature. Create your own functional art with Symphony Wall Organizer.

Find Symphony on page 30 of the catalogue.

TAG Hardware | Symphony Wall Organizer |

Symphony in the Entryway

Symphony Wall Organizer

Symphony as a Staging Area

Symphony Wall Organizer

Symphony in Narrow Closets

Symphony Wall Organizer

Symphony in a Vanity

Double the Length: 256mm Elite Modern Handle

Go big and go bold with the new double-length, 256 mm Elite Modern Handle. With its sleek angular profile, this new 10 inch Elite Modern handle adds a strong and sophisticated statement to your contemporary designs.

Find the 256 mm Elite Modern Handle on page 54 of the catalogue.

Robust Aluminum TrackWall

From the garage to the pantry, the versatile TAG TrackWall system, in our popular and durable Matte Aluminum, is perfect for heavy-duty and light-duty wall storage. With 26 accessories, TrackWall can be used for the office, craft room, closet, pantry, storage room, and the garage. Use it to store everything from hanging bikes, tools, and golf bags.

Explore the various TrackWall applications and options in the TAG Hardware Designer Inspiration Book, starting on page 56. Note that TAG’s TrackWall is available for purchase through Hafele as OmniTrack.

Design Inspiration Photos

Many thanks to the talented designers who have contributed dozens of inspiring project photos to this catalogue. These photos highlight how TAG Hardware really is the jewelry of the closet. Use these photos as inspiration to create your own great designs.

TAG Hardware Shoe Fence

Closet Designer: Closet Envy (Rhonda Ray)
& Vanessa Coral Photography

Helping You Prosper

TAG Hardware wants to help promote your fabulous projects. If you have a great design featuring TAG Hardware products and want to build your fan-base, we want to help you. Send us your best quality project images with your name, company name, location, links, project highlights, and any quote you wish to share. We will feature your project on social media, in webinars, and in other communications to help you elevate your profile and gain more followers.

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Please note that a printed version of the TAG Hardware Designer Inspiration Book is included with the TAG Hardware Designer Kit. Order through