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If you’re looking to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done, keep looking. But if you’ve ever felt that there’s a better way, you should look at joining the team at TAG Hardware. Whether you’re in assembly or design engineering, we’re looking for people who want to grow with us and aren’t afraid to do things differently. TAG Hardware is built on innovation, both in what we make and how we make it, and we’re growing because our people work smarter.


Even if you don’t see a position open right now that exactly fits your skill set, reach out – we might need you soon!




Current Opportunities


TAG suits those who…

are passionate problem solvers

are inquirers and life long learners

thrive when given the freedom and -opportunity to achieve

go above and beyond every day

focus on the essentials

don’t need to prove themselves

are relaxed and confident

can keep things in perspective

appreciate an open dialogue with colleagues

are easy to work with

Like what you’re hearing so far, but still wondering if TAG Hardware is right for you? We offer:

A competitive salary and benefit package

Ongoing on-the-job learning and development

Working with an industry leader in innovative hardware

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